How it All Works Together

The customer-focussed nature of digital marketing continues to impact how tomorrow's marketers build their strategies, with big data playing an important role. These two factors along with others will drive major change across all aspects of marketing. To this end, marketers need to be responsive to a consumer's desire for immediate solutions and shorter decision-making cycles by providing timely, relevant and personalized content across digital and social channels.

It is not enough to look at simply customer demographic data when planning campaigns, content, and strategic marketing programs. Marketers need to go deeper with business intelligence reviews and systems in place to determine their customer sub-markets, what each values and how they express intent to purchase your product. In-depth customer insights will be the driving force behind tomorrow's marketing strategies.

Strategizing Digital Marketing Synergies

To keep clients ahead of their competition, Zipstripe's strategic marketing plans include a variety of online marketing strategies specific to a client that when put together, provide a comprehensive, strategic marketing plan that can elevate business marketing to the next level. Combined marketing strategies should include:
  • Providing a seamless customer experience is key in today's marketing strategies. As part of a business intelligence strategy, marketing plans of all company departments should work as one rather than individual sections. All forms of online advertising should come together to be the one primary goal of the sales cycle and customer experience. A seamless experience for customers is necessary. Zipstripe designs business intelligence solutions to track a customer's journey, with consumer engagement in the process. This goal of direct customer tracking is to measure a customer's loyalty and match their behaviour to provide tailored outreach campaigns, catering to their wants and needs.
  • Tying online marketing elements together must also include social media. Cross-channel engagement will become an essential part of a marketing plan with both advertising and social components. As consumers look to more channels, they will expect to see brands available on all of them. Social profiles, landing pages, websites, apps and other digital media will need to be leveraged by brands. Marketers will need to keep up the demand for exposure. Social media is therefore a must for every digital marketing budget, and important to link social media with all other means of marketing inclusive to website and email campaigns. Social media can reach a large audience on each platform, and if your business is not taking advantage of this powerful and influential audience, you are missing the mark. However, social media is unique in that it can specifically target audiences, to generate selective interaction with clicks to a website and to create brand awareness.
  • Mobile continues to influence how marketers speak with their customers. Smartphone use will continue to grow in the next few years, surpassing desktop and even tablet use. Marketers therefore need to incorporate mobile when it comes to every channel of digital marketing. Zipstripe structure mobile specific marketing strategies inclusive of dedicated or responsive landing page, coupled with mobile targeted campaigns, to ensure clients capture this growing market segment.
  • Content continues to dominate marketing trends. It is time for marketers to tell their story to their clients, where natural and relevant content that is not directly sales based, is key to creating more organic reach. Blogs, social media and website content strategies are therefore critical to customer interaction and relationship development.
  • It's time to take video to the next level. Video continues to increasingly dominate customer engagement. Online video accounts for over fifty percent of all mobile traffiic and continues to grow as online consumers' preferred form of engagement medium. Accordingly, marketers need to create more personalized content to connect with their audience. They will need to invest in resources to get their message in front of this viewing audience. Video and animation campaigns that clearly show brand benefits should be at the top of any digital marketing plan. Incorporation of video in digital marketing campaigns engage customers, where Zipstripe provides its clients with direct messaging video campaigns designed to speak directly to customers to create interaction and sharing on various social media platforms.

Interpreting the Data From a Competitor's View

Whatever can be measured is being measured. Impressions, click-thru rates, reach, comments, customer growth, and more swamp marketers today. Competitive analysis by business intelligence date will allow companies to measure their data against the competition. This new approach to data analysis will aid businesses to understand the make-up of their competitor's audience and how much share they have of their industry. Zipstripe can provide the strategies and benchmarking tools for your business to succeed in this changing marketing environment.
Digital marketing is changing rapidly and businesses need to plan effective strategies today to be ahead of the curve. With new opportunities to speak directly to consumers, Zipstripe brings together online strategies to form comprehensive marketing plans that take brands marketing to the next level. Contact us today.

Where We Are Located

Serving the Province of Ontario and State of New York, our head office is located just above Toronto.

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