Take Your Business Marketing to the Next Level

Marketing continues to adjust and react to changes in technology and consumer attitude trends. Notably, digital marketing has undergone a tremendous transformation in the last few years and the technology that instigated that change continues to grow faster than most brands can keep up. So what does that mean for marketers who are competitive? Brands need to look beyond the regular channels to stay ahead of the game instead of jumping on the current bandwagon!

Understand the Role of Smartphones in Reaching Your Consumers

With the smartphone's continued rise in adoption, expected to surpass two billion consumers worldwide in the next year, the opportunity for brands to connect with consumers has never been more opportune with a formidable basis for relationship marketing. The goal of relationship marketing is to build stronger and continued customer engagement, in comparison to short-term customers and one-time sales. In doing so, companies can develop strong emotional connections with their clients, to drive word of mouth lead generation and sales. Notably, by nurturing meaningful customer relationships and conversation, companies can create brand advocates. Businesses that adopt relationship marketing will set the bar high for their competitors.

Big Data and Developing Relationships

So how do companies develop and personalize their community outreach? Easy answer is through big data. A brand's Business Intelligence ("BI") will play a significant role in the development of relationship marketing strategies. Today and in years to follow, personalized, BI data will be drive marketing strategy. Intrusive, mass-target approaches to marketing will slowly decrease as business marketing will focus on customer relationship metrics and insights to grown their businesses.

Consumer Social Engagement

To engage consumers, today's marketing communication needs to be short and to the point, as consumers have very little time to interpret your message. Currently, Facebook is working on its search engine and as search improves within social media, brands will get a boost through being ready with direct and targeted messaging. Buy buttons and payment methods are now also appearing on social media. This all-in-one Facebook platform will change the way consumers purchase a product. Customers will be able to make their purchases, chat with friends about their purchases and provide social proof of their new purchases, all instantaneously. Making the search and buying process easier, as well as a positive experience, will see your brand realize positive returns.

These changing trends in marketing should become part of your marketing plan. It is important for a business to take their marketing to the next level today. Make the decision towards using Zipstrip as your marketing partner, to help you weigh the strategies that will take your business marketing to the next level.

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